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Welcome To
NASFAT Grays Thurrock


Based on the Nasrul-Lahi-il Fathi society founded in Nigeria, NASFAT Grays Thurrock is a thriving community of Essex based Muslims who gather together regularly to partake in weekly prayer sessions, stimulating talks, lectures and general discussion forum.

We are dedicated to improving the spiritual knowledge, enlightenment and fulfilment of our members and encourage a positive association between our members and also with the larger Thurrock community. Our founding principles are guided by the need to develop a community friendly, religious and contemporarily enlightened muslim community rooted in a true understanding of Islam, its principles and teachings.

In addition to being an open to all and welcoming community, We also through the diverse expertise of our members provide help and advice with social issues relating to family life, housing and legal matters.


About Us


Our History

The quest for Islamic knowledge and brotherly association led to the forum where Muslims faithfuls came together to rub minds with learned Islamic scholars to know more about the religion favoured by Almighty Allah – ISLAM. The aim is to maximise favourably the leisure time that exists amongst Muslims who laze away Sunday mornings. The need to spend these precious leisure hours judiciously arose amongst a few Muslim elites who rose to the challenge. Letters of invitation were despatched to some selected Muslim elites from all walks of life and the response was encouraging. Consequently, on Sunday, March 5, 1995, the society named Nasrul-Lahi-il Fathi with the acronym NASFAT has its inaugural prayer session at the residence of its pioneer president, now chairman, Board of Trustees, Alhaji Abdul-Lateef Wale Olasupo.
The society through the unflinching support of Almighty Allah (SWT) and dint of hardwork on the part of the Executives, the Council of Elders, the Mission Board, coupled with the unrelenting cooperation of devoted members, has been growing from strength to strength. The membership strength of the society, which at inception was less than twenty, has grown into thousands of Muslim faithfuls from multifarious fields of human endeavours in different cities and towns in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission


To develop an enlightened society nurtured by a true understanding of Islam for spiritual upliftment and welfare of mankind. (Nasfat Constitution Article 3.2)To achieve our mission as a society, we concentrate on promoting Islamic knowledge among our members as reflected in our activities, encourage brotherhood through relationships and supportive welfares for a better community. By this our positive expectation is to create membership of enlightened Muslims that understand the peace inherent in our religion in all dealings according to the tenets of Islam while contributing positively to their community in all walks of life.

News & Calendar


View our Ramadan Tahajjud and Asalatu programme

Ramadan Guest speakers and lectures

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Past Programmes & Events

April 2019

Join us as we raise awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer and discuss supporting resources.

February 2019

Join us as we discuss and explore career opportunities within the civil services. 

January 2019

Join us as we discuss how to recognise and cope with the symptoms of depression.

Contact Us

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 Hathaway College, Hathaway Road, Grays. RM17 5LL  Tel: 078-8681-2123, 078-6082-8345  Email: info@nasfatthurrock.org

For religious matters and services, Nikkah (marriage), Aqeeqah (baby naming), Janaazah (funeral) ceremonies 
Please email  missioner@nasfatthurrock.org