Our Vision


To be a pacesetting Islamic organisation with widespread acceptance. (Nasfat Constitution Article 3.1) This is our reason for existence as an organisation. While we continue to observe the factors that bring about differences among the Ummah, we stare clear of controversies and trail the generally acceptable and non-controversial elements of our deen in accordance to The Holy Quran and Sunnah. 

Focusing on helping young people: We engage with them with the many hurdles that they face in the contemporary society, we empower and equip them with life skills, so that they may become model citizens that is certainly our challenge. However, we will not waiver and remain committed to our young people and that is why we pride ourselves with the continuing support to our vibrant youth wing.
Impacting the society: Matters that directly affect our communities and impact those that we serve, play a key part in the way we shape and deliver our services. As a religious charity organization, our strategic plans are to assist the less privileged in the Society irrespective of their religious beliefs, colour, gender or race and within the limits of the resources of the Society and membership empowerment.


Alhaji Maruf Karaole