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The leadership of Nasrul Lahil Fatih Society NASFAT condemn's in strong terms the meaningless killings of Muslim worshippers at the Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand in which no less than 49 Muslims died and over 20 injured.

The terrorist act was heartless, inhuman and devastating to Muslims worldwide , since it was done at a time that muslims from all works of life normally gather in a Mosque (Friday), solemn time when Muslims , young , old , women, men and their kids were waiting for jumaat service. The killing no doubt was a deliberate tragedy directed against our Muslim brothers and sisters including innocent Muslim kids. This is one killing of muslims that can not be rationalised by right thinking decent human beings.

This dastardly ACT has confirmed the position of NASFAT that terrorism should not be given colouration in terms of religion race or creed. There should be a concensus that terrorism is a global social challenge and it will remain unfair and unjust to blame it on any particular religion or faith.

We feel so anguished that at a time when global peace efforts are gaining ascendancy across boundaries and our hope that finally Terrorism is on the decline, now the killings at Christchurch mosque has proved to be a big setback.

NASFAT hereby calls on nations and world communities to regard terrorists as agents of death and should be treated with appropriate punishment within the confines of the law. Beyond this, concerted efforts must be made to address with urgency critical issues that promote terrorism under the guise of xenophobia or religion,other factors.

The entire members of NASFAT condoles with the family of the victims of the terror attack, while we pray that Almighty Allah grants the victims absolute forgiveness, mercy and status of martyr Nasrullahil Fatih Society also joins the world to commiserate with the government of New Zealand on the murderous incidence, commending the government for its prompt arrest and trial of the outlaw.

Meanwhile we advise the Muslim communities to be more proactive in security consciousness now than ever before

We also appeal for calm and restraint by the Muslim ummah while praying for a terror free world.

Banji Busari Publicity Secretary NASFAT

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