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Friday Message from The Missioner

*As Salaam Aleakum Warahmotulahi Wabarakaatuhu Brothers and Sisters*_


Everyone has a mind but peace of mind is a rare phenomenon. Everyone wants to live in peace but peace eludes almost everyone. Perhaps it is the greatest problem of the human World. Don't torment yourself with jealousy, it's a silly illusion that someone's life is better than yours when the truth is that each one of us is on different path.

Those who believe and whose hearts find Comfort in the remembrance of Allah 👉 _*(Q13 v 28)*_ _"surely in His remembrance, hearts find Comfort. In reality, contentment is only for those who accept the creation plan of Allah."_

Pls as part of admonition. Fulfilment of all desires cannot be a goal forbade person in this World. You should learn the art of desire management rather than try to fulfil your desires.

I ask Almighty Allah abound us with His mercy and grace to excel Ameeena. May Allah ease our task and make all our affairs easy for us Allahumo Aameena


_*Imam AbdulRasheed Ayoola*_



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